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November 19, 2012
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San Francisco Chiropractor - Mission district -

Brian Balbon, DC, QME – Located in the Mission district of San Francisco.  2460 Mission St

A full service facility, including chiropractic, massage, disc traction, ART, cold laser, and x-ray - Quiropractico  


Work Related Disorders

According to the bureau of labor statistics, 34% of all lost work-days are due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).  More common names for WMSDs are repetitive stress injuries, cumulative trauma disorders, tennis elbow, whiter finger, and the most common of all, carpal tunnel syndrome.  Nearly every type of work or occupation has the potential for causing WSMDs. 

Factors that contribute to the onset of WMSDs include:  Force, Repetition, Posture, Vibration, Temperature, Duration, and Non-work related issues like lifestyle, hobbies, sports, and health. 

As serious and common as these injuries are it is also true that most of these injuries can be prevented.  The right ergonomic conditions, regular breaks, stretching, and effective healthcare can make a world of difference in relieving and preventing symptoms.

Chiropractors, like Dr. Balbon, trained in specific soft tissue techniques and joint manipulation and knowledgeable in ergonomic coaching and evaluation can be extremely helpful in preventing and limiting the effects of WMSDs.  For example, basic ergonomic workstation adjustments may help symptoms; otherwise treatment with Active Release Technique, Instrument-Assisted Massage, Manipulation and/or even Cold Laser treatment would be necessary to break up adhesions, decrease sprain/strains, and promote healing for more established conditions.  When there is a “double crush” on nerves, manipulation to the spine and joints is especially important.  It is easier to treat a condition earlier, but long established conditions can respond too.  Another goal of treatment is to prevent a condition from  getting worse before more invasive treatments like injections or surgery are necessary.   

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