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To Your Health Newsletter

January, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 02)
Vitamin C to the Rescue?

While the primary drug option for COVID-19 at present is vaccination – preventing one from getting infected – research supports the value of natural, nondrug therapies, such as vitamin C, for respiratory infections.

Take Time to Stretch

Why It's Important and How to Do It the Right Way

How to Get Back in the Game

Chiropractic Care for Common Athletic Injuries

Give Your Brain the Tools It Needs

Keys to an Amazing Memory for a Lifetime

Time to Go Organic?

Creating an Eating Environment That's Ripe for Good Health

Ditch the Drugs for Back Pain

Research is proving the benefits of nondrug low back pain care and emphasizing the lack of effectiveness / side effects of commonly used pain meds. Here's why you should ditch the drugs for LBP.

The Color of Health

Could it be a question of brown vs. white? Those are the two colors of fat, believe it or not, and which one you have more of can have a profound impact on not only your weight, but also your health. Here's why.

Green Tea for Diabetes

Why does research continue to suggest green tea is a key way reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes? Because certain compounds found in green tea appear to help regulate blood sugar.

Self-Control Keeps You Young

Self-controlled children tend to be healthier, "younger" adults than children who lack self-control.

Eat to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Cheese, red wine, lamb – sounds like a gourmet meal. Who knew it might help avoid Alzheimer's?

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