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To Your Health Newsletter

April, 2018 (Vol. 12, Issue 08)
Back Surgery Doesn't Stop the Pain

We can debate the necessity of spine surgery until the proverbial cows come home, but a few concerning realities are becoming apparent: it's performed far too frequently and it doesn't mean your pain will go away. Case in point: a recent study suggesting patients who take prescription opioids before undergoing surgery keep taking them afterward.

Make the Right Choice for Musculoskeletal Pain

3 Reasons to Choose Chiropractic

The Simple Route to Weight Loss

Catch Up on Sleep, Lower Your Risk of Obesity

Eating for a Healthier You

A War You Can Win: 9 Ways to Make Better Food Choices

Get in Touch With Omegas

The Ratio That Matters When It Comes to Chronic Disease

Even Pre-Diabetes Hurts Your Heart and Kidneys

Don't suffer from type 2 diabetes? That's good news. The bad news is your blood sugar may still be high enough to cause heart and kidney disease. Both conditions have been associated with a diabetes diagnosis, but new research suggests even pre-diabetics are at greater risk.

Learn How to Keep
Your Spine in Shape

Your spine is the backbone of your entire body – literally and figuratively. That means poor spine health can negatively impact you from head to toe. How can you keep your spine in shape? Let's take a look at some of the simple strategies to ensure a healthy spine and a healthy body.

Poor Taste: Obesity
Kills Your Taste Buds

Obesity can be a killer, but even if you live with it, your life probably won't be as rewarding as it would be if you achieved a healthy weight. Here's one reason you might not realize: Extra weight can blunt taste buds, according to findings by Cornell University researchers.

Infant Medications Cause Allergies?

A study links acid suppressant and antibiotic use during infancy with childhood allergies.

High BP Ups Miscarriage Risk

Even slightly high blood pressure can increase the risk of suffering a miscarriage.

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