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To Your Health Newsletter

September, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 19)
New Moms Love Chiropractic

Babies can't tell us how important chiropractic is for their health and wellness, so let's listen to what their mothers say according to a survey of moms whose infants received chiropractic care.

Healthy Aging 101

Why Magnesium Matters More for Senior Women

Threat to Your Bones

Acid Suppressants Linked to Fracture Risk

Sports Corner

A Detox Strategy to Maximize Athletic Performance

The Power of Pistachios

One of Nature's Best Cholesterol Fighters

Losing or Gaining Minutes?

What if we could quantify how the food we eat impacts not just our health, but more specifically, how long we'll end up living? In other words, which foods add time to your life, and which foods take time away?

Counter the Couch Potato

The couch potato – it's alive in just about all of us; but some keep it trapped inside, while others let it run wild. There's a way to counter couch potato syndrome, and it doesn't take the effort you might think.

Listening: Key to Brain Health

Over the years, we've discussed various ways to promote brain health and avoid cognitive decline with age. But could something as simple as having people around you who listen also make a difference?

A Dangerous Downward Trend

Kids are bombarded with messaging that teaches them to crave fast food, candy and other sweets, processed foods ... and it's only getting worse.

Another Big Reason to Watch Weight During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is expected, but too much can be dangerous ... and not just for mom.

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