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To Your Health Newsletter

May, 2022 (Vol. 16, Issue 10)
Chiropractic: The Big Winner

Over the past decade, researchers have investigated the treatment effects of physical therapists vs. doctors of chiropractic for spine care. Let's examine a few of those research papers to see why it's no contest.

Headache Help

Say No to Pain Medication, Yes to Natural Care

How to Fight the Fat Naturally

What to Know About Piceatannol

The Lowdown on Energy Drinks

A Dangerous Way to Fight Fatigue

Exercise Matters

Work Up a Sweat: Your Life May Depend on It

Natural Pain Relief

New research provides more evidence suggesting it's time to ditch the drugs – and try this instead for natural pain relief; in this case, for pain caused by knee osteoarthritis.

4 Perils of Poor Posture

Slump away at your desk, hunch over to type another text message, bend and lift without protecting your back – what harm can it do? Actually, the health consequences of poor posture are numerous and life-changing.

Avoiding the Cravings

We know exercise helps reduce weight by burning calories, increasing metabolism and building lean muscle mass. But here's another reason exercise is so important in helping shed pounds – and it's a big one.

Walk Faster, Age Slower

Evidence links speed of walking with biological aging; the faster you walk, the slower you age.

The Pregnancy Diet

Pre-eclampsia is a serious complication for both mother and child; this diet reduces the risk.

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